Onsite fuel sulphur testing to comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO)XRF Analyser

The XRF Analyser is a lightweight, portable and self-contained X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer, the XRF Analyser enables in-situ lab standard testing of fuel oils and lubricants at sea or on land.

The XRF Analyser provides an accurate indication of sulphur content through the analysis of a small fuel sample in less than three minutes.
This gives both shipowners and port state control the ability to conduct laboratory-standard testing onsite, before non-compliant fuel is bunkered and before a vessel carrying non-compliant fuel leaves port.

The XRF Analyser is factory calibrated according to the ISO 8754 standard and is capable of conducting field measurements that correlate strongly with laboratory measurements.
Fuel can be easily sampled at any stage of the bunkering process, and test results can be stored electronically, allowing operators to manage compliance audits more efficiently.

In addition to sulphur testing, the XRF Analyser can be used to measure a range of wear metals in lubricating oil, allowing operators to quickly identify potential damage in cylinder liners, bearings, piston rings, gears, stern tubes and hydraulic systems.

Integrated into a small, lightweight housing, the XRF is easily portable for plug-and-play operation.
Test results are displayed as a percentage on an LCD screen, avoiding ambiguity and mitigating the risk of human error through operators needing to interpret the test data.

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