Owen International, in partnership with Ultra Electronics offer multi-influence, underwater, fixed and portable signature measurement range systems, on-board systems and magnetic and electric sensors. These types of products are used to manage the magnetic signature of steel ships, submarines and mine counter measure vessels. 

Ultra-supplies ranges suitable for use in open ocean and in harbour entrances, which have a full system modelling capability and are in operation with the UK MoD, the US Navy and several other countries. Latest products include multi-influence measurement ranges for fixed and transportable applications. Influences measured include: magnetic, electric, acoustic, seismic and pressure, as well as extremely low frequency emissions. 

On-board degaussing (OBDG) systems are systems whose architectures can be tailored for specific ship missions, requirements and logistics. Since 1972, Ultra EMS has supplied over 195 shipboard degaussing systems. Ultra EMS has been awarded contracts to supply such products to the United  Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, Norway and Egypt.

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