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Looking after oil and lubricants is an essential part of any machinery maintenance. The lubricating oil often determining levels of efficiency, length of life and reliability of equipment. Analysis and testing should therefore be a priority to any maintenance staff or engineer.

Owen International in partnership with Parker Kittiwake supplies equipment necessary for used oil sampling, analysis, and testing to ensure you get the most from your machinery. This includes:

Good oil analysis test results predispose having a representative sample. A complete range of lubricating oil sampling equipment and consumables for field and laboratory use. Additionally, we also provide sampling systems and logistics for many major Used Oil Analysis programmes.

On-Site Used Oil Analysis Kits
Economic entry level option for your in-service oil CM needs. A comprehensive range of On-Site Used Oil Analysis tests for single test parameters or combined into oil test kits. Monitor a wide set of critical parameters at the point of use. Excellent for remote locations with limited laboratory access or where timely results are required.

On-Site Used Oil Analysis Labs
Comprehensive, ruggedised equipment providing laboratory accuracy for in-service lube condition and wear metals. A range of On-Site, Used Oil Analysis equipment for larger plant with critical equipment or multiple point analysis requirements. Often used for rapid investigation where On-Line sensors have provided an early indication of potential problems.

On-Board Cylinder Monitoring
Parker Kittiwake provide a comprehensive suite of products for testing of used cylinder oils. Detection of cold corrosion, scuffing and insufficient residual base are all possible, allowing corrective action to be taken to prevent damage to your cylinders and liners. These products can also be used for feed rate optimisation, allowing operators to save on operating costs, thus further increasing efficiency.

ATR Analyser
The ATR uses the science of Attenuated Total Reflectance (IR Spectroscopy) in a bench top device and removes the anomaly of crew inaccuracies during re-agent mixing, or sample size. It revolutionizes on board testing eliminating the use of reagents, chemical mixing or accurate sample sizes.

On-Line Sensors
A range of innovative and practical, sensitive and robust On-Line sensors for wear metal debris, oil condition, moisture, water and other fluid properties. 24/7 monitoring, remote logging and automatic alarm functions on a limited set of critical parameters.
(See also recently launched SCAN and data reporting systems)


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