Powered Air 

Avon EZAir+TM is the newest generation of single filter airflow system, substantially smaller and lighter than traditional powered air units. Avon EZAir+ also provides the power source for all configurations of the Avon Air range.


  • Battery life 4hrs or 8 hrs options, 0.77kg
  • Constant flow rate of 60lpm through filter reduces inhalation resistance
  • Hot swap battery for rapid exchange
  • Protection factor of >2000

A departure from traditional rigid plastic construction systems, the Avon MP-PAPR is the world’s first flexible PAPR unit, constructed from the same field proven Chlorobutyl rubber, as used for the Avon 50 series masks range. The Avon MP-PAPR module delivers a compact and easily integrated PAPR unit providing cooling, lower user burden and reduced pulmonary stress at 120lpm.

The unique shape and construction allow the wearer to mount the PAPR in multiple ways, maximizing integration while delivering higher protection levels and improved well-being.


Combination System Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The Avon CSPAPR is the newest generation of CBRN Powered Air Purifying Respiratior (PAPR) designed for use in Combination Unit Respirators (CUR's).

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Short duration variant ST53SD, provides a belt or harness carry option with 1 and 2 Litre cylinder options (7 and 15-minute duration) meeting the needs of law enforcement and special forces for short-term tactical operations. The ST53SD provides the option of either a remote whistle and pressure gauge or a single pressure gauge attached directly to the regulator body. STPAPR SD version is supplied with a back-harness carrier. The CDV is attached to the mask via the standard 40mm thread connection.

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