KVH INS are built on KVH’s proven high-performance gyros and inertial sensors. These versatile, single enclosure systems use advanced sensor fusion to deliver reliable, highly accurate navigation and control to a wide variety of platforms including manned, unmanned, and autonomous systems.

Rugged, High-accuracy INS and AHRS with Embedded GNSS.

With a data rate 10x faster than competing systems, KVH’s advanced GEO-FOG 3D inertial navigation system (INS) includes 3 KVH DSP-1750 gyros integrated with 3 low-noise MEMS accelerometers, 3 axes of magnetometers, a pressure sensor, and the option of either a single or dual antenna GNSS receiver. With advanced sensor fusion, the GEO-FOG 3D INS delivers reliable, precise navigation and control to a wide variety of aerial, ground, marine, and subsurface applications and platforms. 
GEO FOG 3D INS_ Datasheet


Rugged, High-accuracy INS and AHRS with Embedded GNSS.
KVH’s benchmark FOG-based 1750 IMU is the core processor of the robust GEO-FOG 3D Dual INS. The precision commercial off-the-shelf GEO-FOG 3D Dual features two GNSS antennas on a fixed RTK baseline to offer increased heading, pitch, and roll accuracy for static and dynamic applications where a single antenna system can be problematic. This dual antenna INS is the best choice for systems requiring heading at start-up or in low dynamic conditions.om, fiber optic gyro-based motion sensing package ideally suited for motion control and GPS-integrated navigation applications. This highly reliable, strap-down inertial subsystem provides accurate measurement of angular rate and linear acceleration. GEO FOG 3D Dual_Datasheet

CS 5000 

Two highly Reliable Technologies in One Low-cost Commercial INS.
The versatile KVH CNS-5000 combines two complementary technologies – KVH’s Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-based IMU with NovAtel’s OEM6® GNSS precision receiver technology – within a single enclosure. The deep coupling of these technologies within the CNS-5000 optimizes the raw GPS and IMU data, delivering a superior position, velocity, and attitude solution. 


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