AvonAvon Protection has received NIOSH CBRN approval on its AvonAir™ modular powered air range. The Avon EZAir, MP-PAPR and CS-PAPR usher in a new era of multipurpose and adaptable respiratory protection.

The single filter Avon EZAir is the smallest and lightest CBRN powered respirator available with cost of ownership per use at nearly half that of PAPRs. The low profile MP-PAPR provides supreme user comfort through its unique flexible construction and hydration integration capability. The market leading in-mission response flexibility of the CS-PAPR provides the tools necessary to keep pace with rapidly changing threats. These three modular CBRN hardened systems provide the level of protection needed to meet ever-changing mission demands.

An intelligent CBRN blower with its flow control technology and alarm systems is used in all AvonAir systems. The modularity even extends as far as the mask and filters with owners of Avon masks able connect to their new powered air system and meet NIOSH CBRN requirements using the Avon CBRN canister.

ConsoliteConsolite Technology has recently carried out an evaluation role in the Night Vision Goggle Flight Trials for HMS Queen Elizabeth. This work follows multiple Harbour Trials carried out on the ship by Consolite to reduce risk.

A Mk II Merlin from 820 Sqn was used to perform multiple approaches and perimeter views of the RN’s new aircraft carrier at night. The NVG images were captured on a specially formatted system using Consolite’s NVGs. The resulting imagery was evaluated by the Consolite Team and a report submitted to the RN.

Any flight over water at night requires aircrew and passengers to complete Dunker Training, in this case at the Under Water Escape Training (UWET) Unit at RNAS Yeovilton. The trainee must be able to escape from an aircraft underwater, upside down, in the dark from a belted position in the aircraft. The training was familiar to those Consolite staff who had been involved in approaches to Invincible Class ships on Chinook and Sea King.