EBAD is a leading provider of man-portable breaching systems to get through your toughest undertaking. Our systems vary, just like missions: from applications for single shot wall and quick door breaching to systems designed to provide a clear path through minefields and wire obstacles.

Dynamic Entry: Door, Wall & Other Breaching

To solve your breaching operation, we utilize our Plastic Bonded Explosive (PBX) products, such as low hazard shaped charge (ACE™) and PRIMASHEET® Flexible Sheet Explosive, in combination with our various shock tube initiation devices to design and produce a solution to meet your specific mission needs. Products include High Energy Liquid Explosives, Door Breaching Strips and Pre-fabricated Rapid Wall Breaching Kits (RWBK). 

Advanced Cutting Explosive     Primasheet 2000     RWBK

Minefield & Obstacle Breaching

Our knowledge of detonating cord and experience in processing explosives has helped us create powerful breaching systems. We have previously supplied a 2 -man system, the Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS), but have also developed a newer one-man Minefeild & Obstacle Breaching System called the Man Portable Line Charge (MPLC).

minefield 1The MPLC® Tactical Line Charge is a lightweight, man portable, rocket launched explosive system. The MPLC® provides tactical units with the ability to conduct clearing operations in urban and complex environments from a covered or concealed position. The MPLC® Tactical Line Charge system is self-contained in a lightweight backpack designed for carry and quick deployment by one soldier. Once the system is in firing position, a shock tube device, the SKIN-PACK® Detonator Assembly, will initiate the rocket and detonate the line charge.



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