MGB units are light, easily transported, can be constructed by hand and adapted for most tactical bridging requirements. The system includes piers, pontoons and ferries, all engineered for deployment with minimum manpower. 

The WFEL MGB is a modular, two girder bridging system with deck units providing a four metre wide roadway and optional walkway. The basic building units consist of seven precision-engineered light alloy components.

Easy to assemble and lightweight, two of the units require six personnel to lift them while the other structural units each require four personnel. The deck and ramp units can be lifted by two personnel.

MGBs are available in five different product configuration groups: 
Single Span, Multi-Span, Double Storey with Link Reinforcement Set (LRS), Floating and MACH (Mechanically Aided Constructed by Hand).

The MGB can also be fitted with an optional reduced slope to provide a smoother entry and exit to and from the bridge. 

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