LED Navigation Light Systems

Consolite has worked closely with Unilux Geomar, a long established manufacturer of certified navigation lights, to develop a range of NVG compliant LED based navigation lights and systems for warships.

All lights are fully compliant with COLREG requirements and are MED certified by DNV.

Lights are fitted with very carefully controlled filters to provide the correct degree of NVG compatibility, compliant to Def Stan 02-587 Part 3. This means they have the correct balance to ensure both long range aided acquisition and minimal impact on NVG performance at close range, while still fully meeting all legal requirements for unaided visibility.

We also supply the touch screen control panel and other associated enclosures to provide a complete system. The control panel includes a mimic display and is itself NVG compatible.

Lights and systems can be supplied for a range of supplies, including a complete current controlled system, and individual lights for 24V DC, 115V AC and 230V AC.

Consolite has also developed a range of highly ruggedised units suitable for smaller craft up to 20m in length.


Warship NVG Upgrades

Consolite has unique experience of modifying warship lighting to be compatible with NVGs. Navies are increasingly recognising the need to convert aviation capable ships, meaning that ship lighting can remain on, for the safety of on-board personnel, and for compliance with regulations, without affecting the ability of aviators to operate safely on NVGs.

Typically all exterior lighting visible from aircraft on final approach has to be modified, and frequently some interior lighting too. Many of the light assemblies operate in extremely harsh environments, with high thermal and mechanical shock and constant exposure to salt atmosphere. Consolite has developed a full range of techniques and materials to cope with this and has successfully designed, developed and implemented full installations on a range of warships including aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, support ships and landing craft.

Light types addressed include flight deck floodlights, visual landing aids, deck centre line and edge lights, hangar lighting, signalling lights, instrument lights, fluorescent luminaires and navigation lights.

Under contract to UK MoD Consolite drafted the UK Defence Standard for warship NVG lighting, Def Stan 05-287 Part 3. This is fast becoming a default standard around the world.

Consolite is working with navies and shipbuilders world-wide on retrofit programmes and increasingly on new build vessels too.

Submarine Lighting

Consolite Technology has adapted the technology developed for its dual mode surface ship LED luminaires to design an advanced submarine lighting system.

There are many benefits in using LED technology to replace fluorescent lights in a submarine environment.

Fluorescent tubes provide poor quality light and require large heavy fittings. The need for frequent tube changes means that many spare tubes must be carried on a long mission, when weight and space are at a premium, and old tubes must be disposed of safely. The flicker and hum from fluorescent fittings can have a depressing effect on crew members.

Use of purpose designed LED luminaires can remove all these problems. Fittings are smaller and lighter, with lower power consumption, will last for years with minimal maintenance, and the quality of the light can be optimised for different situations. Inclusion of specific wavelengths in the light output can provide health benefits to submariners spending long periods in an enclosed environment.

Consolite general luminaires have dimmable and dual mode options. In particular they can be adjusted for dark adaptation using either red or low level warm white lighting. Use of diffusion ensures even distribution of light and minimises glare.

Luminaires are designed to be compliant with EMC requirements such as MIL-STD-461E, and fully meet magnetic and acoustic signature requirements.

LED Stop/Go Lights

Consolite has worked closely with the UK Royal Navy to develop a robust stop/go light unit for application on warship flight decks, amphibious ship well docks, or boat bays – anywhere that a simple unambiguous stop/go indication is required to be highly visible.

LEDs provide carefully balanced light output that is NVG compliant. Options can be provided to interface with existing voltage dimming systems if required.

The units feature a sealed high strength stainless steel housing suited to the rigours of warship use, proven in service.

A full suite of control panels can be supplied, providing options for control from a remote location such as the Bridge or Flyco, as well as local control if required.

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