The sensor market provides a great deal of choice for users and it is unlikely that a sole sensor manufacturer will have a solution to match the entire sensor suite, depending on the sensor platform requirement. Therefore, the integration process can become a challenge for users with different companies providing their own proprietary software for each sensor instrument.

Bruhn NewTech has the ability to work alongside sensor manufacturers to ensure that their sensor data is integrated into our software products to allow a single seamless display of sensor information. We can also advise and consult on specific sensors and instruments that might fit a user requirement.



The SCIM® software application is a single aggravated display of all sensors and instruments that are connected to a MCU or junction box on any given platform. In essence it is the “glue” that binds all data together from multiple devices into a single, easy to display window. This creates a less complicated Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the operator to control.

Download SCIM® Fact Sheet.



Training and using sensors or instruments can incur the cost of consumables such as batteries and filters. By using simulation, these costs can be kept to a minimum, but allowing operators to get the valuable education in procedures that they require. CBRN-Sim is a software product that can give the full realism of sensor data including errors and faults and allow instructors essential feed back on practical performance.

Download CBRN-Sim Fact Sheet.

Future Developments

SCMS Future

As more Projects involve the ability to integrate sensors and instruments onto various platforms, therefore our Sensor data integration library is constantly being updated. At this moment we have more than 50 sensor and instruments integrated into our SCIM® product. This is not just CBRN sensors, but includes weather, explosives, camera and GPS instruments. We are continually adding different sensors for different applications.

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