The Sensor connectivity management software market offers users a wide choice, and, depending on the customer’s sensor platform requirement, a sole sensor manufacturer is unlikely to have a solution to match the entire sensor suite. As such, users may find the integration process a challenge, with different companies providing their own proprietary software for each sensor instrument.

Bruhn NewTech has the capacity to work alongside sensor manufacturers, integrating their sensor data into our software products and thus allowing sensor information to be seamlessly presented on a single display window. We can also advise users about specific sensors and instruments to meet their requirements.

Sensor Connectivity Management Softward®

The Sensor Connectivity Management Software® (SCIM) application is a single aggravated display of all sensors and instruments that are connected to a MCU or junction box on any given platform. In essence it is the ‘glue’ that binds all data together from multiple devices into a single, easy-to-display window. This creates a less complicated human machine interface (HMI) for the operator to control.



Training and using sensors or instruments can increase the cost of consumables such as batteries and filters. Simulation can keep these costs to a minimum while giving operators valuable training in the necessary procedures. CBRN Sim is a software product that delivers the full realism of sensor data, including errors and malfunctions, and gives instructors essential feedback on practical performance.


Future Developments Connectivity

With projects increasingly requiring the ability to integrate sensors and instruments into various platforms, we update our sensor data integration library on a rolling basis. We currently have more than 50 sensors and instruments integrated into our SCIM® product. These are not only CBRN sensors, but also include weather, explosives, camera and GPS instruments.

We firmly believe that demands for integration of our software with external hardware components as well as external software suites will continue. We will keep on developing interfaces and architecture to seamlessly integrate to all relevant sensor types as well as C2, C4i and BMS software systems.

SCMS Future

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