EID’s Intercom systems are the optimal solution for vehicular, shelter-based or specific maritime applications, enabling intercommunication among crew members and allowing access to radio equipment that provides voice and data communications, whether it be over the air, wire or ruggedized fibre optic cables.

Personal wireless systems are also available; this means a crew member outside the vehicle can communicate with the on-board crew and even communicate through the radios installed inside the vehicle.

EID has vast experience in systems integration and is capable of providing Fully Integrated Information and Communications Systems (ICS), including:

  • Internal and external voice and data communications,
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (by DSP),
  • MIL STD compliant; and
  • Integration of radios from any brand.

VIS diagram

High-performance, Compact Fiber Optic Gyros
Design success into your next project with KVH’s field-proven precision fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and FOG-based solutions. KVH sensors offer easy integration with installation flexibility, and our Developer’s Kit enables rapid prototyping. KVH goes beyond simply meeting specifications to delivering premium performance that meets the needs of your end-user.

Highly Accurate Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
GNSS vulnerabilities highlight the need for KVH’s fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based IMUs, now with enhanced reliability and repeatability thanks to KVH's breakthrough photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology. Proven aboard autonomous platforms worldwide, KVH IMUs bridge the gaps in satellite navigation with precision data, very high bandwidth, low latency, and low drift.

Intelligent Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
KVH INS are built on KVH’s proven high-performance gyros and inertial sensors. These versatile, single enclosure systems use advanced sensor fusion to deliver reliable, highly accurate navigation and control to a wide variety of platforms including manned, unmanned, and autonomous systems.

Bruhn NewTech’s core business is the development of solutions for CBRN defence, CBRNe Information Management software and Sensor Connectivity Management software and hardware. Based on more than 30 years of CBRN domain experience, Bruhn NewTech's specialist skills focus on enhancing and delivering life-saving CBRNe Incident Management Tools that supports decision-making to meet the challenges of conventional and asymmetric CBRNe threats and hazards.

CBRN and CBRNe Solutions

Bruhn NewTech offers a specialized range of CBRNe solutions mainly for defence operations. The core elements are CBRNe Information Management software applications that can incorporate enhanced Sensor and Instrument integration as well as additional CBRN Intelligence functions.

These are available as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) or Modified-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) solutions to meet individual customer requirements.


            CBRNE information                    Sensor Connectivity                                Sensor Connectivity Software

  CBRNe Information Management Software         Sensor Connectivity Management Hardware                 Sensor Connectivity Management Software                

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Bruker Radiation Probe

RAD probe

The Bruker Radiation Probe is a gamma dose-rate detector that mounts to the superstructure and has IP66 protection. This detector outputs data over RS422 and can be integrated directly to any ITor Platform Management system.

The Radiation Probe is based on semiconductor technology. The used technology combines high level of reliability with lowest possible life cycle costs. The Radiation Probe can be used in a wide range of applications including naval applications, vehicle applications and critical infrastructure protection. No preventive maintenance is required. No consumables are needed.


RAID-S2 IQplus Chemical Detector

Bruker RAID S2RAID-S2 IQplus is a gas trace detector for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). RAID-S2 IQplus is designed for continuous operation in varying environmental conditions with minimal operator interface and maintenance. The instrument can be operated alone or in multiples to form detection networks. Smart algorithms and new dopants reduce interferents to an unrivalled minimum. The RAID-S2 IQplus uses proven IMS technology and automatic polarity switching to provide continuous Detection, Identification and Monitoring of chemicals.

RAID-S2 IQplus Features

  • Extremely high interference rejection.
  • Continuous 24/7 operation.
  • Ruggedised to meet military standards.
  • Heated gas inlet improves measuring performance.
  • Ethernet and RS422 interface.
  • Next Generation NC Monitoring software.
  • Naval, vehicle and critical infrastructure applications



RAID-XP Combined Chemical and Radiation Detector

Hardened to military standards, reliable and robust; RAID-XP is able to detect, identify and continuously monitor Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) & Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) using a high end Ion Mobility Spectrometer.

Simultaneously semiconductor sensors and two photo diodes are used for the detection and quantification of gamma radiation, dose rate and accumulated dose. Data monitoring and interrogation is achieved through a clear, unambiguous dual display and easy to operate integral software menus. RS232 and GPS interface are enabled.

The RAID-XP is a robust and flexible instrument built with trusted Bruker technology that is capable of operating standalone or mounted in vehicles.



RAPIDplus Standoff Chemical Detector

rapid standoff

The RAPIDplus is a highly reliable and robust second generation stand-off detector that can automatically Detect, Identify and Monitor all known Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and important Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) at long distances. The one piece self contained systems provide real time detection and can be used on any platform or infrastructure, with an extended substance library.

The second generation of RAPIDplus passive detection systems can be deployed for 360° remote sensing of threats at distances up to 5000m. The detection limits of the remote sensor for CWAs and TICs are in the low ppm range and the new enhanced list of chemicals in the library is comprehensive. RAPIDplus systems are fully hardened according to MIL 810G and 461F standards.

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Pearson Engineering is a world-leading provider of Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Route Proving, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridge Launching equipment for Armoured Fighting Vehicles. Products are provided as interchangeable vehicle attachments designed to allow Commanders to optimize available resources and overcome a diverse range of mobility challenges.

Our common interface system ensures equipment to breach minefields, counter IEDs, reduce obstacles and cross gaps can be easily attached and interchanged.

PE Counter Mine

Pearson Engineering has developed a range of Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridging Equipment for Armoured Fighting Vehicles optimised for Heavy Tracked, Medium Tracked, Medium Wheeled and MRAP vehicles.


               Heavy Tracked Vehicles                                               Medium Tracked Vehicles                                        Medium Wheeled Vehicles                                                 

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