Chemical identification made easy and efficient with Serstech - Raman Detector.

Serstech enables first responders, military and security personnel to make quick and safe identification of chemicals such as explosives, narcotics, hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare agents.



Complex Technology Made Easy

  • Identify any chemical substance in seconds
  • Hand-held, all-in-one, robust

Identify any solid or liquid chemicals substance in seconds. The Serstech 100 Indicator is easy to use, truly hand-held and insensitive to water. The sample does not need to be removed from its container and will not be destroyed or tampered with by the analysis.

Validated, Data-Enriched and Complete Libraries


Includes military and civilian explosives, IEDs, precursors and oxidants


Narcotic and psychotropic substances from the UN Yellow and Green lists, including precursors

Hazardous Chemicals:

More than 2000 substances with GHS symbols, CAS numbers and additional information

Chemical Warfare Agents:

Identification of blister, blood, nerve and choking agents, and their precursors


Tailormade library developed for and together with pharmaceutical companies

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