The Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) is a revolutionary acoustical detection system, capable of detecting and localising Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM) and Small Arms Fire (SAF) in a single, compact system. The system uses the so called ‘microflowns’, which simultaneously measure the amplitude and direction of sound events, rather than just sending pressure, such as a standard microphone. Due to this, a single sensor can detect, classify, and determine the direction of arrival (DOA) of acoustical events of interest.

Shot detection 1The V-AMMS is installed on a vehicle to locate SAF and is operated by the AMMS Command & Control (AMMS C2) software which can currently be installed on any ruggedised Window tablet or computer.

The software and its algorithm will exploit the intrinsic benefits of measuring the entire sound field in a single point, and is therefore able to apply its directional and impulsive adaptive noise cancellation when one or multiple shots are fired from various shooters.

The AMMS C2 Software is pairing the shockwave and muzzle blast created from each individual hostile shooter and the software will thereby provide a localisation which can either be presented on a stand-alone solution or hand over the information to any Remote Weapon Station, Electro Optic or Battlefield Management System.

The GUI of the stand-alone solution is displayed in a tabular form and on a clock shape. Firstly, the shockwave triggers a 120° sectoral alert in the direction of the shooter position and secondly, the combination of the shockwave of the bullet and muzzle blast narrows down the sector a small angle and additionally provides range, miss distance, bullets fired and time since last shot.

The V-AMMS and its software is easy to use and does not require any calibration, weather input and/or other input after the initial integration. It only requires to be turned on to work!

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