Bruhn NewTech offers a specialised range of CBRNe life-saving solutions fro defence and first response operations. The core elements are CBRNe information management software applications that can be used independently to predict hazards, provide warnings and report information, and can incorporate enhanced sensor and instrument integration as well as additonal CBRN intelligence funtions.

Bruhn NewTech continually strive to push the boundaries of their software to ensure that applications are available to personnel and platforms on the ground at the source of the incident, all the way to command facilities, using integrated command and control communication systems where situational awareness is critical.

CBRN Analysis

CBRN Analysis is the global market leader in the digital application of CBRN information management software that meets the latest warning and reporting standards. The software also supports intelligence preparation of the operational environment (IPOE), which allows users to place known potential hazards within their operational areas.

BN CBARN Analysis

CBRNE Frontline

CBRNE Frontline's key aim is to be the preferred software application for non-warning and reporting specialists. It allows the user to focus on the incident in progress by manually entering information or extracting data from sensors or instruments.

CBRN Frontline

Future Developments

CBRNE Future

With our ongoing R&D, we continually seek to bridge the gaps that users find or that we identify within any hazard prediction or Warning and Reporting chain. Timing can be critical for anyone dealing with a CBRNe incident. Lives may be at risk if personnel do not have the information at hand required to accurately analyse critical situations and make swift decisions. Ensuring that information is easily accessible and easy to input is one of our key drivers.

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