Oldham Seals Group

Specilising in the design & manufacture of rubber products for naval and engine applications

The widely used Jetpac® and Jetsil® products include flexible hose assemblies, with optional integral fire resistant end fittings, patented rubber bonded flanges, integral rotary flanges or with fittings to suit individual requirements. Other products include: rubber bellows/expansion joints with integral fire capabilities, suction entry feet, lightweight suction and discharge hose, intake diaphragms, high pressure hydraulic hose assemblies with standard or non-standard fittings to exacting defence standards. Small bore flexible hoses in accordance with aerospace sector certification scheme AS 9100 REVA 2001 are also produced.

Oldham Seals have been specified to supply the UK Navy for the Astute Submarine programme and the Type 45 Destroyer programme. The products have been specified for the Type 23 Frigate, the Canadian Patrol Frigates, the Trident Submarine Vanguard class, and the Single Role Minehunter. More recently the Jetpac range of products has been selected n the Australian Huon class Minehunters, Spanish Minehunters and the Indian Frigates projects P15 and P16.



The Jetpac Rotary Flange® is a fully integral component of the hose or expansion joint, improving sealing with its natural rubber seal. The rotary flange cuts down inconvenience when pipework is misaligned, preventing unnecessary pressure on the hose itself. The Jetpac® Rotary Flange eliminates the need for gaskets when mating to flat faced flanges. Rotary flanged hoses and bellows are currently supplied to all UK surface Naval ships and submarines.



The Oldham Seals range of Jetpac® Rubber Flexible Hose Assemblies (both low and high pressure) and Expansion Bellows have been Type Approved by:

  • Lloyds
  • American Bureau of Shipping,
  • Det Norske Veritas,
  • UK MOD Def Stan 02-345

The benefits are:

  • An integral fire protection capability eliminating fire sleeves;
  • A major cost saving in expensive downtime through longer operating performance;
  • Design advantages by using the wide range of Jetpac® configurations;
  • Greater reduction in vibration levels, noise levels and weight;
  • Reduction in installation time through the use of integral rotary flanges.



A range of smooth bore fire resistant preformed hose assemblies can replace the need for metallic elbows used in hose assemblies. The current range of products including 180º performed hoses have been supplied to the Australian programme. They have also been supplied with a magnetic permeability of less than 1.05. The hoses represent a 50% weight saving against metallic elbow hose assemblies plus substantial saving in labour costs from installing rotary flange configurations.



These units are currently supplied on the Type 23's Fuel, Ballast Tank and Bilges, as well as commercial shipping, to increase the efficiency in evacuating fluids.

Other advantages are:

  • Decrease in suction loss;
  • Minimising damage to tank bottoms caused by metallic pipes;
  • Reducing the likelihood of contaminating empty fuel tanks when refilling ballast from sea water.


Oldham Seals is conscious of ongoing requirement changes in industry and are constantly designing and developing the Jetpac® range of products to improve and help the Navy's needs regarding pipework systems.

Oldham Seals have developed a new rubber compound ‘Jetsil'®.

Jetsil's advantages are:

  • Higher temperature resistance;
  • Greater resistance to weathering and ozone;
  • Meets Bombardier increased specification for surface flame spread (ASTM E 162), smoke generation (ASTME 662) and toxic gas generation (Bombardier SMP 800-C);
  • Meets UK Ministry of Defence Def Stan 02-345 requirements for smoke toxicity generation



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