HESCO® Bastion Concertainer®

 HESCO® Bastion Concertainer® rapidly deployable fortification systems

Easily and Rapidly constructed HESCO® Bastion Concertainer® create effective and economical protective structures. Originally designed to replace conventional field fortification materials such as sandbags, HESCO units were first used operationally by the British Army in the 1991 Gulf War. HESCO is now in service with many major military organisations including the UK MoD, ADF and the US Military and has become a benchmark in force protection throughout the world.

Whether used to define boundaries or as a preventative barrier, HESCO units have been employed to safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other vulnerable target areas in a variety of military, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civilian operations. HESCO units have also been extensively used in civil applications in flood management, erosion control and slope stability applications.


Assembling HESCO                                                                                                     Perimeter Wall


HESCO walls can be built to any required length and to any height. The unique joining system allows the user great flexibility in configurations and requirements. One of the key advantages of the system is that any readily available infill material can be utilised. Sand, rubble, rocks, soil, concrete and even snow have been successfully used.

Rapid construction is another key feature of the product. A typical wall of HESCO Concertainer units equivalent to approximately 1500 sandbags, can be erected and filled by two men and a single common loader in less than twenty minutes. An equivalent wall constructed of sandbags would take 10 men 7 hours to build.

The flat-pack design of HESCO Concertainer units allows for extremely efficient storage and transportation. Folded units can be packaged on standard timber skids or pallets, in containers or as bulk cargo. Over 500m of Mil® 1 units can be transported in a single 20ft ISO container.

Product Range

HESCO units are manufactured from welded mesh, either 8 gauge (4mm) or 6 gauge (5mm) and coated using the Galfan process. Each units is lined with ISO Standard 200g/m 2 non-woven polypropylene Geotextile.

The unique, patented design of HESCO units are available in nine different sizes, and in two colours (Sand or Green)] to suit different environments.


 Filling HESCO                                                                                                                 Guardpost HESCO  

HESCO units have achieved an impressive service record and nations across the world have been quick to recognise its unparalleled capabiity to protect personnel, facilities and equipment against attack.

Typical uses include:HESCO Fortification

  • Perimeter, security and defence walls
  • Equipment revetments
  • Ammunition compounds
  • Personnel and material bunkers
  • Observation points
  • Access control barriers
  • Blast mitigation and containment
  • Base command centres
  • Anti-ram vehicle barriers
  • Defensive firing positions
  • Guard posts
  • Search areas
  • Checkpoints
  • Existing structure protection

Special Products

In addition to the range of HESCO defence wall systems, HESCO Bastion have also designed and developed products for specific applications, such as Bunkers, Sangars and UV Protection.

Designed to meet a number of requirements identified by operational users, a variety of off the shelf sets have been configured which include HESCO components and the required additional components tailored to create protective structures quickly and efficiently.

Some examples include:


HAB® (HESCO Accommodation Bunker) HAB (HESCO Accomadation Bunker)

The HAB has been developed as a result of the ever-increasing threat to deployed personnel from indirect fire weapons.

The bunker is designed to provide safe living accommodation for up to 8 persons giving each person a space of around 2m square. There is up to 2.16m of headroom inside the bunker.

The HAB will provide protection from weapons systems up to and including large mortar rounds. It has side walls formed from Mil 6 HESCO units and a specifically engineered roof structure to combat the effects of indirect fire weapons.


Guard Post/Sangar 

The components of this set provide a small emplacement with two-foot thick walls and 18” (5.48m) of overhead cover. Embrasure (firing/observation point) forms are included in the set as are roof joists and roofing material.

The interior space is four foot by six foot, with 6'6” (1.98m) of headroom. The complete set is delivered on a single pallet weighing 826lb (375kg). Detailed instructions for the assembly of the guard post are supplied

To construct a 2 man Sanger kit will take approx 20m³ of fill material.


Containerised Bunker Kit

A containerised kit has been developed which offers an effective means of transporting all the components required to construct a bunker. The ISO container has a fully opening side, facilitating rapid deployment of all components. The container also comes complete with a pre-fabricated personnel door and a rear escape hatch, both of which can be opened from inside.


HESCO Containererised Bunker Kit                                                            Hesco Gueard Post/ Sanger Package 



HESCO Floodline Units


The design of these units reduces permeability of the wall, when filled. Floodline units are designed for easy removal and are suitable for filling with earth, sand, or well-graded gravel. Floodline units may also be used in other applications.



There are two standard sizes of Floodline units: F-3315 (H-3' W-3' L-15' - 5 cells) and F-4315 (H-4' W-3' L-15' - 5 cells).


Joining pins are supplied to join units together. Plastic ties are supplied to close the geotextile together at the top of unit ends, which prevents fill material from falling between unit joints.


General specifications - Geotextile lined welded wire fabric gabion to ASTM A 974-97.


Welded Mesh, coils and pins - Hesco Concertainer units are manufactured with a Alu-Zinc coated welded wire mesh. The mesh has a spacing of 3" x 3" and a wire gauge of 8.5 American SWG, steel/diameter of 0.155"/3.937mm (nominal).


Geotextile - The geotextile is a heavy-duty, non-woven, permeable, polypropylene fabric, available in either green or sand color.


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